Why Avodah?

Avodah Coffee is more than just great, fresh roasted coffee.  The name Avodah comes from a Hebrew word that means work, service or sacrifice. That definition applies perfectly to what Avodah is all about. Avodah Coffee is a family ran business that allows us to work closely together, but also reach out and help impact the world. Consider us great coffee, with a conscious.
How do we help change the world? First, we offer certified Fair Trade coffee. Buying Fair Trade coffee benefits the local farmers whose sweat and hard work bring all of us incredible coffee beans. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from every sale is donated to charitable organizations that exist to change the world. We desire to offer upscale luxury quality coffee at an everyday affordable price, and make the world a better place through our business.
Here at Avodah Coffee, all of the coffee we purchase is done so with sustainability and quality in mind.  We choose the beans and craft our blends to bring you the best, while serving the people, who produce the coffee by purchasing from companies and farmers, who engage in ethical business practices – whether through official certification or openly practiced direct trade.